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The Human Scale Education Movement ( is a leading charity working with Government and Schools sector organisations to promote and research better ways of design and delivering education services.

With a mission to "put relationships at the heart of education" HSE is an International movement based on the concept that the "human scale' is a key principle that can apply beyond schools into all public services:

Human Scale Education Movement works directly with schools and parents to promote human scale learning environments where children and young people are known and valued as individuals. We believe that ‘humanity of scale’ and the ‘primacy of relationships’ should not only inform the design of our schools but should also influence our public sector services.

We were asked to design and build a new web presence for them that had a number of key approaches including a new design and image for the organisation as well as tools to enable the organisation to manage and publish to their own website and to make use of the full range of website and social media tools now available to get their message out and with a new focus. Social media is ideally suited to non-profit and advocacy organisations -by using Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds and YouTube channels in conjunction with a modern, content managed and dynamic website they are able to reach out and build a larger network and to further their cause more actively around the world and within the relevant communities.

To deliver this we decided to use the WordPress opensource publishing platform, and developed a custom design that leveraged all the power of this extensive Content Management Engine. This also means the website is future-proofed with new development or design being able to be applied incrementally going forward, without requiring a complete re-build each time - an element that is key to an organisation such as this with ambitious goals working and a dynamic changing framework of Government policy and with social change.

The new website:

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