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Price comparison and aggregator websites are one of our main specialities, having worked on a large number of comparison sites for software development, SEO, PPC, Design and Social Media services. Aggregators and price comparison sites present their own unique challenges for online marketing and software development. - the leader in online sports betting price comparison this site compares real time price data from over 30 online bookmakers in the UK to offer sports and entertainment betting at the best possible price. - Simplify Digital is a leader in providing comparison of media packages for the consumer covering broadband, telephone and digital TV. With an innovative AJAX-style interface we have helped them grow their opportunities in Google search via our SEO consultancy services. - an aggregator and price comparison for new cars, comparing all new car features, specs and prices and showing where the best prices can be found for outright purchase, finance and leasing. - a Real Estate aggregator - we helped with some advanced technical SEO; see the full case study.

We have also conducted AdWords (PPC) campaigns unique to price comparison sites, involving many thousands of Google ads with unique text targetting tens of thousands of keywords based on the websites live product inventory and pricing. We have developed our own software tools specifically for this purpose as PPC for price comparison or aggregator sites have unique demands in terms of manageability and scalability as well as tight cost control, and bidding that is keyed in to profitability metrics based on conversion rates and third party affiliate revenue models.

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