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Blogging has evolved into a highly engaging rich format that the consumer and business user alike is now completely comfortable with as a source of information. Informal in nature, running a blog is now a requirement for most businesses online.

With a range of sophisticated platforms and tools available to bloggers both private and coporate alike, what started as a "web-log" online diary system has now become an important publishing platform with unique properties of sharing and community. Systems such as Blogger from Google, TypePad, WordPress and many more are adding ever more sophisticated capabilities, and building the number of users very rapidly, with WordPress for example reporting 2.3 Billion posts per month from 30 Million active blog accounts.

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Our Services

We can design and set up a blog to suit your purposes, integrate it with other social media and marketing activities, manage the account set up and editors and contributors, and advise on blogging styles. Our SEO services include optimisation for blogs, and our analytics services help you track which posts have been most successful. 

WordPress Blog Example: SpecialOfferCars blog for

We designed, set-up, host and provide content and social media integration using the WordPress platfom to power for online car retailer, part of the Inchcape Retail automotive group.

Social Media Blog integration - Twitter feed managed by us for the Blog:



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Kambara provides SEO, Twitter and Blogging services for a leading online car retailer.

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two of our clientsWe work with businesses large and small to maximise their online presence using functional content-managed web sites with class-leading design and usability qualities, together with full use of search engine and social media channels. Read More »