Kia Burton Website Goes Live!

Launched this week at we have completed a lightning fast but comprehensive and high quality website design and build for one of the UK's biggest KIA franchised dealers. The website delivers a compelling and highly usable customer experience, and functions as a complete online marketing system for the client, including tracking with Google Analytics, SEO functions, and we provided suport for Google AdWords PPC, Google Place maps listings, and Facebook Social Media.

The new website sits at the hub of Kia Burton's extended online presence which we will be continuing to assist with optimisation and extension of to give this client the maximum online reach and effectiveness as a business. See our full Case Study for a description of our approach to this project.

Kambara Upgrades History of Parliament website using Drupal

The History of Parliament site is a unique resource of constitutional records going back to 1386. Struggling under the weight of such vast quantities of data and with real performance challenges associated with search and retrieval of complex data on MP's, laws and statutes going back such a along way, we were asked to help improve the site and the user experience. We have now completed our work for this project and the site is now live - it's a true national treasure and we're very proud to be working on it. - new website launched!

After forming in 2010 through the merger of two established SEO, online marketing and software development services, Eperformance Services Ltd. and Blue-Bag Ltd, Kambara has opened it's doors with what else but of course a shiny new website.

So what's a "Kambara" then, and why did you choose that name, or is it just a random Web 2.0 generated name?
Well we do use the online Web 2.0 name generators now and again, but not for our own name!

So what is it then... Well, we describe what we do as "Weaving Wonders with Search & Social Media" - "Kambara" is a southern African Kwangali word for an African bird otherwise known as the "Sociable Weaver", or "Philetairus socius". Now, these Sociable Weaver birds build large nests in trees and telegraph poles, by working together - by being sociable they achieve more, they conserve heat at night, stay cool in the day, have safety in numbers and can fan out to find and share different food sources in the desert. When kambara was formed, from the merger of two established consultancies in order to be able to offer our clients a more rounded service covering website development, search marketing and the emerging social media channels, we took this as our brand name, and of course the busy little birds pop up everywhere...

It's also a metaphor for the kind of work we do, making full use of social media, the shared nature of online consumer in this new era of facebook, twitter and youtube, or user-generated content that reqiures brands to reach out and connect with their consumers more than ever before. The days of 'them and us' are mostly over and we're moving towards a more shared community between a business or organisation and it's users and customers. We're now dealing with "Brand Communities".


BRAND COMMUNITIES: A Definition of the Consumer as 'Sociable Weaver':

We can define a brand community as a dedicated group of members who are users of a particular brand or market, continuously in touch with the brand and each other, not only responding to company initiatives but also initiating and continuing conversations of their own about any aspect of the brand or business.


(Source: "How Brand Communities Work" see

These prinicples are behind everything that we do, but we can break down the wide range of services and skills we bring to bear into the following, rather lengthy list, but it gives a view of the range of resources you can rely on us for:

Traffic Generation & Online Marketing

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adwords & PPC
  • SEO
  • Link Building
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing (see below)


  • Logo design, development & brand guidelines
  • Social Media Brand-building & Brand Name registration
  • Online Brand monitoring and protection
  • Online PR
  • Brand Microsites & Viral

Online Advertising & Affiliation

  • Google Adsense
  • Ad networks
  • Affiliate networks

Social Media

  • Blogging & Content development
  • Twitter & twitter integration
  • RSS development, feed distribution and tracking
  • Facebook pages and Apps
  • YouTube Channel development
  • Video Production for websites and YouTube
  • Social Gaming & Viral products

Design & Usability

  • Website Design
  • Usability
  • Information Architecture
  • Taxonomy and Folksonomy development
  • Accessibility
  • FLASH design

Content Management Systems

  • Wordpress development
  • Drupal development
  • Bespoke CMS development

Software Development & Infrastructure

  • Server Development and Admin (IIS and Apache)
  • Hosting, DNS and domain name registration
  • Email systems, email marketing systems
  • Software Development: Microsoft dotNET, C#, PHP, Javascript, XML, Web Services, CSS/HTML
  • Mirroring, Failover and Load Balancing
  • Data processing, datafeed distribution and aggregation
  • Price Comparison software development
  • eCommerce development
  • Online Payments (PayPal, VISA etc)
  • Online games development
  • Custom Search Engine Development
  • Microsite Development
  • Custom Web Admin systems, Customer Databases and CRM
  • Online Security Audits, Firewalls and Protection
  • Flash and Adobe AIR development

Mobile Development

  • iPhone App design & development; promotion and distribution
  • Mobile-formatted website development & design
  • Android mobile development


  • Automotive, Content and Retail
  • Sports Content
  • Online Betting and Gaming
  • Events promotion
  • Real Estate
  • Price Comparison & Aggregators
  • Government, Charities & NGO's
  • Scientific & Nature publishing
  • Travel & Outdoors

Strategy Consulting

  • Brand Strategy
  • Product Development Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) Strategy
  • Online Marketing Strategy
  • Mobile Internet Strategy
  • Hardware and Infrastructure Strategy
  • Security & Privacy Strategy

Some of our clients

What We Do - In Brief

two of our clientsWe work with businesses large and small to maximise their online presence using functional content-managed web sites with class-leading design and usability qualities, together with full use of search engine and social media channels. Read More »