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Mobile page views of websites are reaching 12% of all page views. And recent studies showed that even more so than on the desktop, most mobile visits are driven from search engines. This means a mobile search marketing strategy is becoming essential. We are able to apply both paid (PPC) and organic (SEO) techniques and services to make sure your brand and products is out there in front of the mobile audience. Mobile means on foot, in a car, on a train, but with the advent of smartphones like the iPhone and Android phones, and tablets like the iPad the "3rd screen" is becoming a reality with many consumer surfing websites from the sofa, from a football match or from restaurants - in short anywhere they can get a mobile signal!

And on top of that recent research shows that mobile devices are particularly used for search, rather than browsing per se, and that has led to the number of mobile Google searches reaching a full 10% of the total Google queries according to recent analysis from Citi group. Another study from RBC Capital Markets shows that figure is predicted to rise to 20% in 2012; So with 3 Billion search queries on Google per day that would make mobile search accounting for 15,000,000 searches per day. Clearly it has reached the point where businesses can no longer ignore mobile search.

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