Database Design and Development

What we do:  We create information solutions – desk top applications, web sites, data driven internet applications.

What’s your requirement  – You have data and you want to make it accessible in-house or across the world? We have the expertise to help you achieve your aims.

How we do it: We develop a tight specification to your requirements and deliver to your deadlines. Our range of expertise and facilities enables you to get the most out of your information without you having to tackle the technical issues. We let you concentrate on what you do best by doing what we do best.

Our expertise in Information Engineering (IE) modelling provides an invaluable methodology for describing your data and modelling your business rules. This ensures that you have a system architecture that is based on a logical model and suits your requirements from the start. BY using formal data modelling standards we describe your information structures and capture your business rules to accurately specify your information system requirements.

Whether you require a web site or a desktop application or an enterprise wide information delivery architecture, by  basing your data project  on a structured system development approach provides you with an invaluable investment that is documented, transparent and widely extensible.

We deliver the logical model in the database software (RDBMS) of your choice from SQL Server for Windows and .Net systems, MYSQL for Linux and popular CMS systems or any of the leading systems.

Since database design and information modelling is dependent on the data  you have and the requirements you wish to support we offer a full consultancy service to determine with you the specification for your project.

Some of our clients

What We Do - In Brief

two of our clientsWe work with businesses large and small to maximise their online presence using functional content-managed web sites with class-leading design and usability qualities, together with full use of search engine and social media channels. Read More »