Systems Architecture

At Kambara we like to consider the environment within which any system we develop lives. Whether it is the linkeages with social media and your web site or the wider technology of your enterprise, we look at the opportunities for wider integration of everything we do. This achieves a better return for your investment and also provides a strong foundation for your growth in to new areas for your business opportunities.

So when we first design a system we look at the future opportunities that may be part of your wider vision or the sector within which you operate to ensure that the initial steps are taken in the right direction and to ensure that we achieve high levels of re-use and extensibility. 

We have some great examples of this with clients using systems today that we developed over 12 years ago; and that is forever in technology! Having based our solutions on a wider systems approach and by using formal modelling and standards we are able to deliver solutions that last.


Some of our clients

What We Do - In Brief

two of our clientsWe work with businesses large and small to maximise their online presence using functional content-managed web sites with class-leading design and usability qualities, together with full use of search engine and social media channels. Read More »